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jerusalem quarterly

Winter 2013/Spring 2014, Issue 56/57


Editorial: A War to End all Peace

This year marks the centennial of the Great War (1914-1918). Ever since the western front went silent at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on the war and its effects on Europe, the United States, and on Russia and the Soviet Union. ...more


Salim Tamari
In the autumn of 1916, two years after the commencement of the Great War, the Ottoman leadership arranged to send an expedition of writers, journalists, and religious scholars from the Syrian provinces to visit the Dardanelles front. ...more
Stefanie Wichhart
The locust invasion started seven days ago and covered the sky. Today it took the locust clouds two hours to pass over the city. God protect us from the three plagues: war, locusts, and disease, for they are spreading through the country. Pity the p ...more
Ellen L. Fleischmann
In 1915 Charlotte H. Brown, the principal of the Sidon Female Seminary, an American missionary school in Lebanon, described how the staff and students were living dual lives – one the quiet life of teachers among pupils whose thoughts were bounded b ...more
Mario M. Ruiz
Among the thousands of works written about the First World War, comparatively few discuss the 1917-1918 military campaign fought between the British and Ottoman empires in alestine. As Jean Bou notes, the Palestine campaign occupies a “curious” plac ...more
Issam Nassar
The nineteenth century transformed the way people saw themselves and others around them. Scientific and technical inventions were reshaping the way people perceived and imagined themselves to be, as well as the way in which they lived their lives. ...more
Zachary J. Foster
My aim is to tell a story about the Ottoman army in Syria1 during World War I through the experiences of Sami Yengin, a twentytwo- year old Turkish-speaking conscript from Kopalista-which was part of Ottoman Vilayet of Drama (in what is, today, East ...more
Nada Atrash
Reconnaissance flights were performed by Bavarian air squadron number 304 (AF304b) between September 1917 and September 1918 as part of the operations of the German-Turkish Alliance towards the end of WWI. ...more
Andrew J. Patrick
At the end of the Ottoman Empire, many community leaders and individuals within those communities were faced with “critical choices” that often determined the fate of the particular group to which they belonged. ...more
Konstantinos Papastathis and Ruth Kark
The controversy between the Greek religious bureaucracy and the Arab congregation in Ottoman Palestine over the financial management and general administration of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem is well known. ...more
Norbert Schwake
The year 2014 marks the centenary of WWI, called by the British until today “the Great War.” For the history of Palestine this was indeed a great and decisive war. A marvelous documentation of World War I is a photo album found among the belong ...more
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